What to expect:

Your teeth may be uncomfortable for a couple of days, similar to when your braces are adjusted.  Speech may be affected for a short period of time while you adapt to wearing your retainer(s). If your retainer is lost or broken there will be a charge to repair or replace removable retainers or replacing retainers that do not fit properly due to improper wear.   There also may be a charge to repair bonded retainers and will be assessed at the appointment. Repair/Replacement fees are subject to change.

Retainer tips:

Wear your retainer full time for the 1st 3 months after braces are removed.  After 3 months of full time wear you can go to night time wear (wear every night).

Remove your retainer when eating, brushing or drinking anything other than plain water and always put it in the case!  (Most retainers are lost in school lunch rooms or restaurants). Brush your teeth and place retainer back in as soon as you are finished eating.

Clean your retainer with an aligner/retainer cleaner once a day (can be purchased online, on Amazon or some local stores may carry this).  This will keep your retainer clean and eliminate odors. Do not use toothpaste to clean your retainer-this will scratch the retainer. Do not use hot water.

When your retainer is not in your mouth it should ALWAYS be in its case, not lying around or wrapped in a napkin.  Pets love to chew them!

Never place your retainers in hot water, near a hot surface or leave them in your car on a hot day.  The heat will warp the plastic causing them to not fit properly.

Retainers are breakable so treat yours with care.  If your retainer gets lost or broken call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

ALWAYS bring your retainer to your appointment.

If your bonded (permanent) retainer comes loose please call our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to have it repaired.  There may be a fee to repair your bonded retainer and will be assessed at the appointment.

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